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Integrating Crisp chat widget on Hellonext

July 06, 2022

Chat widgets can help you solve problems for your customers faster and more efficiently. Website visitors can get instant support through a chat widget which makes it effortless to connect with your business.

A bunch of customers prefer to have chat widgets in their website than any other support options. Chat widgets work seamlessly and make the support system 10x times faster to provide response for customer queries.

Hellonext offers three perfect chat widget integrations for your product to quickly bring in the instant messaging platform you use within your Hellonext account.

That is,

  • Intercom

  • Crisp

  • Hubspot

Crisp is a messaging platform that lets companies enhance customer journey through many features: HelpDesk, Live Chat, Drip campaigns, Chatbots and so much more.

Here's how you can bring Crisp chat widget as a messaging platform on Hellonext.

  • Copy the Website ID and sign into your Hellonext account by visiting

  • Go into your Hellonext Dashboard → click on Organization Settings over the left → toggle to the Integrations tab.

  • Scroll down to Chat Widgets section and from the drop down for Chat Widget choose “Crisp”.

  • Paste the Website ID in the field > click on “Update”.

  • Now, you will able to see the CRISP chat widget embedded in your product/website.

Here’s a screen recording which will take you through these steps:

Seems rather easy and simple to follow doesn’t it? That’s because it is!

Do feel free to reach out to us if any queries should arise! :)